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Articulo de los participante sobre el proyecto Europeo INTERCULTURAL MIND (Italia) del ACD LA HOYA

Articulo de los participante sobre el proyecto Europeo INTERCULTURAL MIND (Italia) del ACD LA HOYA


Aqui podeis encontrar el diario (en ingles) de los participantes durante el proyecto INTERCULTURAL MIND


Día 27 . Paloma y Gloria

At the beginning we took a plane from Alicante to Bergamo and then we had to take a series of buses and trains to arrive to our destination : Polpenazze Di Garda. When we arrived it was already dark because it was nearly 8pm. The first thing we did was seeing our new house for the next 10 days. After dropping the luggage we were taken to a pizzeria where we had a dinner that consisted in almost ten pizzas for the twelve of us. We ate a lot and ended satisfied, they were delicious! By the time we were finished it was really late and cold so we tried to get home as soon as possible walking. Already at home, the whole Spanish group gathered in the living room that was in the first floor and talked for more than an hour about the amazing future that was waiting for us and what first impression did we have. It was tiring day but it was worth it!


On 28th we had breakfast in a bar near our house.

Then we went to the Hall of the city, wich is the place where we do all the activities. We started the day doing some games to presenter each other and we had fun. Later we had luch in a space near the bar. (We ate pasta)

At afternoon we continiun doing activities like typical games and we said our expectatives of this proyect and what we think about the topic of this exchange,the migration. Then we had dinner and we ate meat and salad it was very delicius. When we finished. We come to the apartament to relax or have fun and it was just free time.

Today was the firts contact with each other. Firstly it was very difficult to remember all the names but we think that litle by litle we will learn all of them.

On our point of view it was a very funny way. I hape that the other days be more or lest the same as today


Today, 29 of December pepe y miguel

we went to the sport bar to have breakfast at 8:30. At 9:30 we have to go upstairs(at the church) and then when we stayed there, the italian organization prepared a “discurs” by the Major of Polpenazze Del Garda.

Then, when we finished the “discurs” we went behind the sport bar(dinning room). We began to eat at 12:30 and we ate pasta like the others days.

After lunch we went to the apartment for clean our tooth because we have a little free time.

When free time was finished we went again to the church and play an activitie. This activitie was bassed to represent an a social acts and unsocial acts. After this activities we divide all the groups and one of these groups went to play Bingo and the other group stay in the church. We went to play bingo and when we arrived there we have to helped an a oulders persons. That was incredible for us because we can helped them and give “some” love. We felt really really happy. We helped them and then we could dance with they.

At finished this activitie we gone upsters again and we share that experience and how we felt with that. t

At 18:15 spanish group arrived at the apartment to preaper the spanish night.

At 7:15 we went to the living room to have dinner and we ate pizza and salchiches. When we finished dinner we went at the church to organized all that we preapered.

Spanish night was incredible for the other persons because the activities was really fun. We felt satisfaced because we could saw that the other countries enjoyed with us.

At 22:45 we arrived at home and we went to sleep.

Miguel y Pepe


December 30 María y Sara

Today at morning we have had an italian presentation about emmigration in Italy. Later four emmigrants from different coutries (Cuba, Poland, Morocco and Tunisia) who have moved to Italy came for telling us about their experience as emmigrants. Then, we had to explain and compare their lifes. It was very interesting.

We also went to Rezzato to a shop where a man explained us about a better economy.

Finally, in the evening we had the Lithuanian cultural night, they’ve prepared it like it was an airplane and the food was really good. Then they showed us some typical dances, we’ve had much fun!


31 of Decembre was the last day of the year. In the morning we did some activities about stereotypes for the different kind of countries . In my grup we represented the stereotypes about India and after we went to a pizzeria and we ate ” lasagne “.

Then we visited the Garda Lake and we made some photos.

After that we visited Manerva, before we visited tve mechanic pesebre and them we went to home.

Them we had time to prepare ourselves to the night. At nine we had dinner with the other countries and we danced. And at twelve o’clock the spanish and lithuanian people ate twelve grapes for the last day of the year.


1st January

We went to have breakfast at 12:00. After we took the bus in Polpenazze to went at Brescia.

When we arrived, we went to the St. Giulia Museum, this museum is about the past of Brescia. Then, we visited the city, had an ice cream and chocolate and visited a church. At last we went to took the bus to go Polppenaze de Garda. Everybody had dinner in a restaurant and went to our houses.


On the 2nd of January, in the morning we visited La Sorgente in Salo and we met group-home guys that were really nice and kind. We had to paint a cube for representing a country and we had to make stories with one side of the four cubes. We went for a walk and then to have lunch in a restaurant called ‘DUE PINI DI SALO’. We had pasta and we talked to the guys from the house.

Later, we had free time and we went to a market and some of the Spanish girls went ice-skating. We came back in a bus while singing songs.

At night, we had the Italian night, we did games and danced.

It was an amazing and a really fun day.


Dia 3~ peep y paloma

We woke up at 8 and at 8:30 we went to.have breakfast at the sports bar. At 10 we started the activities which the polish group had prepared. We were divided in mixed groups for the games, that were 3, mafia, a guessing game and the last one was about if someone could notice the differences in between the groups we divided our team.

Later on that evening, after lunch, we went to our meeting place, were the Italian leaders had organised a really interesting speech that consisted in three refugees and a representative of an organisation which helped them telling us their experience. It was one of the most interesting things we did and I believe everyone learned something that day.

After having dinner we had the polish cultural night which wasn’t really relatable to be honest.

Finally we went to a party with most of the project participants and had tons of fun dancing and singing.


4 January

At morning we met in the comuna and the Italian Leaders gave us the certofocation of the travel. Then, we stayed there for a while. After that we had lunch in the restaurant and we also went to the center for buying whatever we wanted to.

We’ve had free time until the dinner and later we met again in the comuna, where we spent some time together.

Sara abe María started crying and after that other Spanish girls too. The farewell was very emotive and sad, we didn’t want to leave


5 January

we have woken up at tidy up all the house and the suitcase. We were very very sleepily because the night before we went to sleep very late.we have been all the morning taken buses and trains it was a little stressful. We nearly lost one of the buses because some of us were buying souvenirs but at the end we arrived at time. Then we took the plane. We arrived and it is very hot! There was -2ºC and here 17ºC. We are going to have a siesta. It has been an amazing exchange.


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Articulos sobre el proyecto Europeo INTERCULTURAL MIND (Italia) del ACD LA HOYA

Articulos sobre el proyecto Europeo INTERCULTURAL MIND (Italia) del ACD LA HOYA

Durante estos 10 días hemos convivido 10 participantes y 2 líderes en el pueblo de Polpenazze Del Garda, el día 27 salimos del aeropuerto dirección Bergamo desde donde cogimos un autobús hasta la estación de tren y allí pusimos rumbo a Desenzano Del Garda donde nos esperaba un autobús para llevarnos a nuestro apartamento.

El primer día (28 de Diciembre) fue básicamente para conocernos unos a otros tanto con juegos para aprender nuestros nombres como pequeñas charlas para conocernos un poco mejor.

El segundo día (29 de Diciembre) tuvimos un pequeño meeting en la sala de reuniones del ayuntamiento entre los líderes, coordinadores, organizadores responsables del proyecto y el alcalde en el que presentamos nuestras organizaciones (en nuestro caso el ACD La Hoya). Esa tarde los encargados de la actividad éramos los líderes españoles asique cuando acabó nuestro taller nos dividimos y algunos visitaron una residencia de ancianos en la que participaron en una partida de Bingo y algunos de nuestros chicos incluso invitaron a algunas de las damas a bailar. Esa noche fue la noche española en la cual nuestros participantes expusieron algunos datos y imágenes de nuestro país y cultura, también hicieron un pequeño desfile mostrando ciertos tipos de tendencias en la juventud española.

El tercer día (30 de Diciembre) visitamos una tienda de comercio justo y solidario además como tuvimos un poco de tiempo libre algunos de nuestro grupo decidimos patinar en la pista al aire libre del pueblo. Por la tarde tuvimos una de las dos actividades que más gustaron a nuestro grupo, la visita de 4 mujeres que tuvieron que decidieron dejar su país para ir a vivir a Italia, todas ellas compartieron sus experiencias con todo el grupo y al final de esta actividad tuvimos una pequeña charla de reflexión. Esa noche fue la noche intercultural Lituana

El cuarto día (31 de Diciembre) tuvimos una mañana tranquila con un taller organizado por el grupo lituano, esa tarde fuimos a Manerba donde subimos a una pequeña montaña desde la cual habían unas vistas increíbles. Esa noche fuimos a celebrar la entrada al 2017 junto a los habitantes del pueblo en una fiesta popular organizada por ellos.

El quinto día (1 de Enero) fuimos a pasar el día a Brescia, visitamos tanto el museo como la ciudad la cual era preciosa, también visitamos el Belén Mecánico en Nuvolera. Esa noche nos la dieron de descanso para el día siguiente.

El sexto día (2 de Enero) visitamos la ciudad de Salo’ donde esta la Cooperativa Social “La Sorgente” un centro donde acogían a niños y realizaban distintas actividades, allí participamos en un par de actividades y pudimos conocer a unos cuantos de sus jóvenes. Por la tarde nos dedicamos a visitar un poco más la ciudad y a disfrutar las increíbles vistas. Esa noche corrió a cargo de los italianos y su presentación sobre su estupendo país.

El séptimo día(3 de Enero) utilizamos casi toda la mañana en el taller del grupo polaco pero también tuvimos un poco de tiempo libre antes de comer, por la tarde tuvimos la que para muchos fue la mejor actividad de todo el proyecto pues recibimos la visita de un grupo de 5 refugiados que formaban parte de la asociación “Puerto Escondido” los cuales a pesar de que era difícil para ellos, nos contaron sus historias y porque habían tenido que abandonar su país y todo lo que dejaron atrás. La mayoría de nuestro grupo acabó encantado al final de esta actividad porque fue una oportunidad de entender de primera mano la situación que están viviendo en otras partes del mundo. Esa noche tuvimos la noche polaca para cerrar así las noches interculturales.

El octavo día (4 de Enero) se nos entregaron los certificados de participación por parte del Presidente de la asociación italiana, tuvimos una pequeña evaluación del proyecto y conversamos

sobre futuros proyectos. Tras esto los jóvenes tuvieron la tarde libre para prepararse para la cena de despedida y la pequeña “fiesta” esa noche pues a la madrugada siguiente volvíamos a España.

El noveno día (5 de Enero) a las 06:00 de la mañana pusimos rumbo en autobús a la estación para coger el tren desde Desenzano a Bergamo, los chicos como es normal estaban un poco cansados y cabizbajos por haber tenido que despedirse de sus nuevos amigos asique la mayor parte del trayecto durmieron.

En el aeropuerto dio la casualidad que coincidimos otra vez con el grupo polaco cuando íbamos a pasar el control de seguridad, una bonita anécdota sin duda. A medio día llegamos a España con nuestras familias y nos despedimos unos de otros sabiendo que dentro de poco nos volveríamos a ver seguro.

En lo personal, muchas gracias a Eduardo y al ACD La Hoya por darme la oportunidad de participar en mi primer proyecto como líder, gracias a mi compañera Alba y a mis chicos y chicas por hacerme todo tan fácil, un saludo, José Sánchez Jiménez.


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